Pinot Noir DOC South Tyrol


This Pinot Noir grows at an altitude of 520 m above sea level. A fresh, elegant wine with an intense, ethereal bouquet of forest fruit and a full-bodied, lasting palate.

100% Pinot Noir
Drinking maturity : 
3 - 6 years
Drinking temperature: 
approx. 16 °C
35 hl/ha
13% vol.
maturation of the wine : 
small wooden barrel
Acid and residual sugar: 
5 g/l Residual sugar: 1,5 g/l

After a cold maceration lasting several days, the approximately 10-day Mash fermentation. After another week the young wine is drawn off and for two days. After this clarification phase we give our Blauburgunder into 500l and 225l wooden barrels. There the wine completes the biological Acid reduction. After a 10 month aging in wooden barrels, the wine is prepared its bottling.

Tasting note

The ruby red Pinot Noir is fruity and delicate. Its cherry notes are finely balanced with the aroma of red berries and pomegranate. Its berry tones merge with the delicate scent of violets. A very elegant wine, with pronounced structure and great tension.


Our Pinot Noir thrives directly below the winery and is the counterpart to our strong Baccara. The rows of vines on the hillside, facing west, receive good sun exposure. After the sun goes down in the evening, the grapes are cooled down by the descending down wind. Through these great day and night differences, our Amantus receives a fresh and juicy fruit and does not seem heavy at any moment.

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Eichenstein Vineyard


The family of Josef Waldner, owner of the winery, have been making wine for 350 years. The origin of winemaking at the Eichenstein has its roots in Marling, where the dedicated wine lover created his first white wine cuvée “Gloria Dei” in 2005. In 2006, he followed on with his “Baccara” Marlot and Cabernet Franc red wine cuvéè, assisted and advised by renowned enologist Hartmann Donà. In 2007 Josef Waldner further realised his vision when he established the Eichenstein vineyard on the Freiberg, from 550-600 m, above Meran. In 2014, the crowning jewel of the vineyard was built: The wine cellar, a vinarium and a guest chalet. And in 2018, the most recent porphyry plot was established at 500 m above sea level.

Josef Waldner

We want our wines to have a stirring soul. That’s why we we strive to create authentic, charismatic wines that live on in your memory. Josef Waldner’s passion for grapes and wine stems from a long family tradition.